About the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Association of Canada



  • We will increase the involvement of children and adults in a joyful and contemplative shared religious experience of our covenant relationship with God, in which the religious values of the child predominate.

  • This is accomplished using the following operational strategies:
    • The CGSAC works for our members promoting spirituality for the children of Canada
    • The CGSAC is a democratic organization that respects the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to each member
    • The CGSAC governing body is the Board of Trustees
    • The CGSAC bylaws govern its operation
    • The board has 4 standing committees:
    • Finance and Governance Administration
    • Membership Services
    • Formation
    • Growth and Promotion
    • The committees are chaired by a board member and report to the board
    • All members are encouraged to help with the committee of their choice
    • An ‘ad hoc’ nomination committee will be formed annually in preparation for the election of the Board of Trustees 



2019 Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Assocation of Canada
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