We offer formation courses at the three levels of student work.

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How to get involved:

The Good Shepherd Catechesis nurtures the spirituality of the adult as well as the child.
To find more about being an adult in the atrium - visit an atrium near you or contact Susan Perna at formation@cgsac.ca

Helping in the Atrium

  • Many atriums offer opportunities for interested adults to assist with the children during an atrium session.
  • In addition certain atriums require assistance setting up the area for the children and then following the session putting everything away.
  • All atriums welcome adults who are willing to give of their time and talents to make materials – i.e carpentry, sewing, drawing or calligraphy or help out with the administrative tasks.
  • Contact your local atrium director to find out how you can help and become involved in the Good Shepherd’s work.
  • The CGSAC extends a warm invitation to all adults who are supportive of the the Shepherd Catechesis to join as members.
  • Click here for member registration.

    CGSAC recommends that each parish ensures that all volunteers have been screened and have undergone a police records check before being allowed to work with children.

After receiving training in this ministry adults:

  • Listen with the children to the Word of God, while respecting the childs needs and capacities
  • Ponder with the child the mysteries of the Kingdom of God
  • Wonder with the child about God, who is love
  • Enjoy with the child living in communion with the Holy Spirit
  • Seek to understand with the older child how we are being called to be stewards of His Kingdom
  • Celebrate with the child the presence of the Risen Christ in our lives
  • Guide the activities of children in atriums

Training to be a Catechist

  • Training for adults in Canada is available through CGSAC.
  • Training is divided into 3 levels – co-relating with the 3 age groups within an atrium. Level I formation is the foundation course and is a pre-requisite for Level II , which is a pre-requisite for Level III. Each formation level course offers age specific training that includes:
    1. an opportunity to learn about the spiritual growth and development of children
    2. reflections on the key biblical themes presented to the children
    3. discussions on relevant Christian theology and doctrine
    4. presentations on the practice of our faith (liturgical signs and symbols)
    5. presentations and hands on experience with the materials that the children use in an atrium
    6. prayer, praise and celebration in the way of the Good Shepherd
    7. guidance on setting up and directing the growth of an atrium
    8. assistance in completing a personal journal (album) for each presentation given to the children in the specified level
    9. plans for making the materials used by the children in an atrium
  • In-class work consists of lectures, small group learning sessions and individual hands-on opportunities.
  • Courses consists of a minimum of 90 hours of in-class work and 30 hours of observation
  • For information regarding courses currently being offered in Canada and registration information contact Susan Perna at formation@cgsac.ca
  • If there isn’t a course near you. Go to CGSUSA for courses offered in the United States

Upcoming Formation Courses


  • Winnipeg, MB: Level 1 Starts October 2017 with dates through to June 2018 Click here to download your copy of the Winnipeg brochure (PDF)
  • Saskatoon, SK: Level 1A This course delayed until spring 2018, dates TBD Please continue to contact Cynthia Foster to register your interest Click here to download your copy of the Saskatoon brochure (PDF) contact Cynthia Foster by e-mail lc.foster@sasktel.net for information
  • Guelph, ON: Level 1 Dates TBD late fall 2017 through June 2018 over 5 weekends more to follow
  • Calgary, AB: Level 1A February 20 - 25, 2018 Level 1B August 20 - 25, 2018 Brochure coming soon for more information contact Susan Perna at formation@cgsac.ca
  • Vancouver, BC: Level 1B March Break 2018, dates TBD, watch for course information at the Archdiocese of Vancouver web site or contact Murita Chua by phone at 604-683-0281 ext: 50210 or e-mail mchua@rcav.org for more information
  • Ottawa, ON: Level 1A early July 2018, dates TBD, watch for brochure contact Susan Perna at formation@cgsac.ca for more information
  • Ottawa, ON: Level 2B August 13 - 17, 2018 details to follow contact Meghann Baker by phone at 613-370-6371 or e-mail meghann.baker@yahoo.ca for more information
  • Guelph, ON: Level 3 Part 3 July 21 - 27, 2018 at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre details to follow for this course Contact Therese Wright, therese.wright@rogers.com for further information
For more information about courses in your area contact Susan Perna at formation@cgsac.ca


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